Graphic design (or visual communication design) is an integral part of communicating both practical and conceptual architectural matters.

Architecture is a highly visual practice, replying extensively on non-linguistic communication through diagrams, drawings, photography and other forms of image including large-scale plans and maps.

These media and conventions are standard and universally employed in the architecture profession, and understood and accepted amongst architecture researchers worldwide.

Candidates are permitted to depart from standard thesis formatting where there is specific articulated justification and need for a variation. Submit a proposal to the School of Architecture at the thesis review milestone.

All architecture theses submitted for examination must adhere to UQ's thesis formatting requirements with the following exceptions:

  • Line spacing 1.5 to 2.5
  • All four margins 10 to 50mm
  • Page size A4, A3 or square
  • Page layout portrait or landscape.

Candidates are also permitted to include extensive visual documentation of design process and outcomes including buildings or building parts.