BBusMan / BEd(Sec)

Bachelor of Business Management

Group 1


Students must complete all 24 units for:

Course Code Units Course Title
ACCT1101 2 Accounting for Decision Making
BISM1201 2 Transforming Business with Information Systems
ECON1010 2 Introductory Microeconomics
ECON1020 2 Introductory Macroeconomics
FINM2400 2 Managerial Finance
LAWS1100 2 Business Law
MGTS1301 2 Introduction to Management
MGTS1601 2 Organisational Behaviour
MGTS2606 2 Managerial Skills & Communication
MGTS3301 2 Business Policy and Strategy
MKTG1501 2 Foundations of Marketing
RBUS2900 2 Business Research Methods

Group 2


A student is required to complete at least 12 units as specified from the Business Economics major (of which 6 units must be at level 3). Where definite instructions are given, students must follow those instructions when planning their major.

Business Economics

Students must complete at least 12 units from the following (of which 6 units must be at level 3):

4 units for -

Course Code Units Course Title
ECON2410 2 Economics of Business Strategy
ECON2420 2 The Macroeconomy & Business Conditions

8 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
ECON2060 2 Behavioural and Evolutionary Economics
ECON2070 2 Introduction to Strategic Thinking
ECON2200 2 Management of Financial Institutions
ECON2500 2 China: Emergence, Implications & Challenges
ECON2540 2 Economics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
ECON2800 2 Labour Economics
ECON3210 2 Financial Markets & Institutions
ECON3220 2 Benefit-Cost Analysis for Business
ECON3430 2 Managerial Economics
ECON3440 2 Competition Policy and Regulation

Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Part A

The courses in Part A of the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) are studied concurrently with the courses of the non-Education program of the dual degree.

16 units for -

Course Code Units Course Title
EDUC1029 2 Introduction to Education
EDUC1050 2 Teaching and Learning Tools in 21st Century Knowledge Societies
EDUC2049 2 Identity, Youth Cultures and Education
EDUC2090 2 Indigenous Knowledge & Education
[ EDUC2716 2 Learning, Mind and Education
[ or
[ EDUC3001 2 Learning, Mind and Music Education
EDUC3701 2 Diversity and Inclusive Education
[ EDUC3079 2 Becoming A Professional Educator
[ or
[ EDUC3002 2 Becoming A Professional Music Educator
EDUC3099 2 Towards Professional Practice

Part B


6 units for -

Course Code Units Course Title
EDUC4700 2 Teachers as Researchers Part B
EDUC4710 2 Introduction to Professional Practice
EDUC4715 2 Professional Practice

Curriculum Foundations List

2 units to 4 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
EDUC6700 2 Business: Curriculum Foundations Part B
EDUC6705 2 English: Curriculum Foundations Part B
EDUC6715 2 Information Technology: Curriculum Foundations Part B
EDUC6720 2 Languages: Curriculum Foundations
EDUC6725 2 Mathematics: Curriculum Foundations
EDUC6730 2 Music: Curriculum Foundation
EDUC6735 2 Science: Curriculum Foundations
EDUC6745 2 Humanities and Social Sciences: Curriculum Foundations

Specialist Teaching Area List

4 units to 6 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
EDUC6755 2 Accounting: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6760 2 Agriculture: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6765 2 Asian Languages: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6770 2 Biology: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6775 2 Business Management and Business Communication Technologies: STA Part B
EDUC6780 2 Chemistry: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6785 2 Drama: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6790 2 Economics: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6795 2 English: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6800 2 English as a Second Language: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6805 2 European Languages: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6810 2 Geography: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6820 2 History: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6830 2 Information Processing and Technology / Information Technology Systems: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6835 2 Legal Studies: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6840 2 Mathematics: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6841 2 Mathematics A: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6845 2 Film, Television and the New Media: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6850 2 Music: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6851 2 Music-Choral: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6852 2 Music-Instrumental: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6853 2 Philosophy and Reason: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6855 2 Physics: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6860 2 Science 21, Earth and Environmental Science: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6865 2 Learning Support: Specialist Teaching Area Part B
EDUC6870 2 Supervised Project: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6875 2 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6880 2 Study of Religion: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6885 2 Study of Society: Specialist Teaching Area
EDUC6890 2 Tourism Studies Specialist Teaching Area


2 units to 4 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
EDUC6530 2 Middle Years of Schooling Curriculum: English Part B
EDUC6545 2 Middle Years of Schooling Curriculum: Mathematics Part B
EDUC6550 2 Middle Years of Schooling Curriculum: Science Part B
EDUC6555 2 Middle Years of Schooling Curriculum: Teaching Social Education PART B
EDUC6625 2 World Religions in Youth Cultures Part B
EDUC6635 2 New Developments in the Middle Years of Schooling Part B
EDUC6650 2 Introduction to Career Development: Assisting Students Building Careers