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Faculty vs school

For most students, your school will help with courses and your faculty will help with your program – but there's a bit of overlap and there are some exceptions.

  • Postgraduate coursework students should contact their school with any questions about their program or courses.
  • Doctor of Medicine students should contact their faculty with any questions about their program or courses
  • The Graduate School is the equivalent of a faculty for Higher Degree by Research students.

It's worth noting that some courses aren't taught by schools: they're taught by faculties, centres or institutes.

In these circumstances you should still contact the 'Coordinating Unit' listed on the ECP with any relevant questions about the course.

If you're ever unsure about who to ask, contact a Student Centre – if they can't help, they'll point you in the right direction.

What do faculties and schools do?

Faculties and schools are major administrative centres within the University. They are responsible for a range of areas including:

  • academic integrity
  • academic progression
  • assessment re-marks
  • enrolment
  • graduation checks
  • marketing
  • mid-semester exams
  • occupational health and safety
  • placements
  • research
  • teaching and learning.

Schools are nested within faculties. Each faculty and its schools divide areas of responsibility slightly differently, depending on the faculty's size, the number of programs, and so on.

Course coordinators

Most course coordinators work in schools. If you need to contact your course coordinator, remember that they're responsible for designing, planning and teaching a course.

They aren't responsible for administrative areas such as enrolment, timetabling, dropping a course, or academic progression.

Talk to the Student Centre or to administrative staff in your school office or faculty office about these areas.