Graduate Diploma Sustainable Energy

A student is required to obtain 16 units comprising -

  1. 12 units for Part A; and
  2. 4 units for Part B.

Part A

General Foundation Courses taken by students in both streams.

Course Code Units Course Title
ENGY7000 2 Energy Principles and Renewable Energy
ENGY7001 2 Climate Science and Policy
ENGY7002 2 Energy and Development
ENGY7003 2 Low Emission Technologies and Supply Systems
ENGY7004 2 Energy Investment and Finance
ENGY7117 2 Energy Markets, Law and Policy

Part B

Specialisation Courses

Carbon Management stream

Course Code Units Course Title
ENGY7200 2 Energy Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
ENGY7201 2 Applied Carbon Management Methods

Low Carbon Solutions stream

Course Code Units Course Title
ENGY7300 2 Power Generation Technologies
ENGY7301 2 Energy Efficiency and Transport