MA in Japanese Interpreting &Translation

#16 for -

Course Code Units Course Title
JAPN7110 2 Public Speaking
JAPN7120 2 Advanced Textual Skills
JAPN7130 2 Applied Translation
JAPN7140 2 Consecutive Interpreting into English
JAPN7150 2 Consecutive Interpreting into Japanese
JAPN7160 2 Advanced Translation I
JAPN7170 2 Theory of Translation
LTCS6000 2 General Research Methods

Part B

and #16 for -

Course Code Units Course Title
JAPN7200 2 Live Interpreting Forum I
JAPN7210 2 Technical Translation I
JAPN7220 6 Conference Interpreting
JAPN7230 2 Live Interpreting Forum II
JAPN7260 4 Advanced/Technical Translation II