Master of Laws (16 and 24 unit programs)

Part A

Course Code Units Course Title
LAWS7021 2 Public Law
LAWS7025 2 Private Law
LAWS7936 2 Fundamentals of the Common Law

Part B

Course Code Units Course Title
LAWS7701 8 Major Dissertation A
LAWS7703 2 Estate Planning
LAWS7706 8 Major Dissertation B
LAWS7707 8 Major Dissertation B
LAWS7708 2 Intellectual Property Law
LAWS7710 2 Principles of International Law
LAWS7711 2 Law of Armed Conflict
LAWS7713 2 Law, Terrorism and Human Rights
LAWS7714 2 Refugees, Asylum Seekers and the Law: Rights and Realities
LAWS7715 2 States in Transition: Issues in Constitutional and International Law
LAWS7721 2 Current Issues in Private Law
LAWS7722 2 Current Issues in Public Law
LAWS7723 2 Current Issues in International Law (Private)
LAWS7724 2 Current Issues in International Law (Public)
LAWS7725 2 Current Issues in Legal Practice
LAWS7801 2 Constitutional Government & Public Power
LAWS7805 2 Natural Resources Law
LAWS7807 2 Current Issues in Evidence
LAWS7814 2 International & Comparative Copyright Law
LAWS7825 2 Supervised Research Project
LAWS7826 4 Dissertation B
LAWS7904 4 Dissertation B
LAWS7828 2 Cultural Heritage Law
LAWS7841 2 Theories in Dispute Resolution
LAWS7851 2 Mediation
LAWS7853 2 Law of the World Trade Organization
LAWS7855 2 Electronic Commerce Law
LAWS7863 2 Admiralty Jurisdiction & Practice
LAWS7865 2 Maritime Law
LAWS7866 2 International Law of the Sea
LAWS7868 2 International Commercial Arbitration Law
LAWS7876 2 Carriage of Goods by Sea
LAWS7893 2 Corporate Governance Law
LAWS7899 2 International Air Law
LAWS7908 2 Native Title Law and Practice
LAWS7917 2 Pacific Comparative Law
LAWS7939 2 Comparative Constitutional Law
LAWS7944 4 Dissertation A
LAWS7951 2 Marine Insurance Law
LAWS7953 2 International Dispute Settlement
LAWS7970 2 Comparative Criminal Law
LAWS7974 2 International Trade Finance Law
LAWS7977 2 Advanced Administrative Law
LAWS7979 2 Commercial Conflict of Laws
LAWS7987 2 International Law & Development
LAWS7988 2 International Sale of Goods Law
LAWS7989 2 Environmental Law
LAWS7998 2 Tribunals - Procedure and Practice