Part A

Compulsory Courses

34 units for -

Level 1

Course Code Units Course Title
CRIM1000 2 Introduction to Criminology
CRIM1019 2 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRIM1111 2 Introduction to Professional Practice in Criminology
LAWS1110 2 Law in the Criminal Justice System

Level 2

Course Code Units Course Title
CRIM2099 2 Crime, Race and Gender
CRIM2100 2 Punishment and Society
CRIM2200 2 Policing and Society
CRIM2120 2 Australian Crime Policy
CRIM2300 2 Comparative Criminology
LAWS2220 2 Criminal Law in Context
SOCY2019 2 Introduction to social research
SOCY2339 2 Introducing Quantitative Research

Level 3

Course Code Units Course Title
CRIM3039 2 Advanced Criminological Theory
CRIM3111 2 Advanced Professional Practice in Criminology
LAWS3330 2 Transnational Crime and International Criminal Justice
SOCY3039 2 Applied Quantitative Research
SOCY3329 2 Qualitative Social Research

Part B


14 units consisting of:

6 to 8 units from introductory courses -

Course Code Units Course Title
PHIL1110 2 Critical Reasoning
POLS1101 2 Introduction to Australian Politics
POLS1102 2 Introduction to Politics & Public Policy
POLS1501 2 Introduction to Peace & Conflict Analysis
PSYC1030 2 Introduction to Psychology: Developmental, Social & Clinical Psychology
SCIE1000 2 Theory & Practice in Science
SOCY1030 2 Introduction to Health, Illness and Society
SOCY1050 2 Introduction to Sociology

and 6 to 8 units from later year courses -

Course Code Units Course Title
ARCS2003 2 Forensics: The Archaeology of Death & Crime Scenes
CRIM2000 2 Youth and Deviance
CRIM2030 2 Criminal Minds
CRIM2080 2 Global Security
CRIM3100 2 Correctional Practice
CRIM3120 2 Crime Prevention Practice
SCIE2020 2 CSI UQ: Introduction to Forensic Science

Part C

Honours (Year 4) Compulsory Courses

16 units for -

Course Code Units Course Title
CRIM4111 4 Advanced Methods A
CRIM4112 4 Advanced Methods B
[ CRIM4103 8 Criminology and Criminal Justice Research Thesis
[ or
[ CRIM4104 8 Industry Research Thesis