Anim & Vet Bioscience (Major)

(This major is available at Gatton only)

Prerequisites required for progression in this major:

Course Code Units Course Title
AGRC1041 2 Cell and Tissue Biology for Agriculture and Veterinary Science
VETS1060 2 Animal and Veterinary Biology
CHEM1100 2 Chemistry 1

Major requirements (14 units)

10 units for -

Course Code Units Course Title
AGRC2001 2 Agricultural Biochemistry
AGRC2045 2 Molecular and quantitative genetics
AGRC3042 2 Animal and Plant Biosecurity
ANIM3019 2 Animal Reproduction
VETS2031 2 Comparative Structure and Function for Animal Biosciences

and 4 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
ANIM3018 2 Wildlife Technologies
ANIM3061 2 Animal Nutrigenomics and Metabolism
ANIM3062 2 Emerging Issues in Animal Bioscience
ANIM3063 2 Animal Welfare & Ethics
VETS3040 2 Mechanisms of Animal Disease
VETS3041 2 Stem Cells, Clones & Genetically Modified Organisms
VETS3042 2 Ecological and Disease Genetics