Innovation and Entrepreneurship

4 units for:

Course Code Units Course Title
TIMS7301 2 Principles of Entrepreneurship
MGTS7303 2 Principles of Strategic Management

6 units from:

Course Code Units Course Title
ECON7540 2 Economics of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
EIBS7300 2 Creativity for Innovation and Design Thinking
EIBS7301 2 Idea Management
[ EIBS7305 4 Commercialisation in Practice Project
[ or
[ EIBS7307 4 Lean Start-Up
MGTS7308 2 Social Enterprises and Not for Profits
MKTG7513 2 Marketing for Social Change
TIMS7323 2 Bio-Entrepreneurship and Innovation
TIMS7326 2 Management of Intellectual Property
TIMS7328 2 Strategies for Business Sustainability and Innovation
TIMS7329 2 Social Entrepreneurship in Practice
TIMS7330 2 Start-up Entrepreneurship In Practice
TIMS7331 2 Entrepreneurship Incubator