Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

Part of the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Master of Engineering program

Students must complete for the BE(Hons)/ME (Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering Plan code: CHMETW2350), #80 comprising:

  1. #42, being all courses from part A - compulsory, years 1 to 3 of the BE(Hons) (Chemical & Metallurgical) list; and
  2. #30, being all courses from part M - compulsory; and
  3. balance (#8) from electives, being courses on the BE(Hons) list or on the BE(Hons)/ME list or other courses approved by the executive dean, with
  4. (i) a maximum of #4 of courses on the BE(Hons) (Chemical & Metallurgical) part B0 list; and
    (ii) a maximum of #4 of level one courses not on the BE(Hons) list.

Part M - Compulsory

Year 4, Semester 1

Course Code Units Course Title
CHEE4009 2 Transport Phenomena
CHEE4060 2 Process & Control System Synthesis
MINE4203 2 Flotation
MINE4204 2 Aqueous Solution Processing & Electrometallurgy

Year 4, Semester 2

Course Code Units Course Title
ENGG7290 8 Engineering Placement Semester

Year 5, Semester 1

Course Code Units Course Title
CHEE7111 2 Advanced Process and System Modelling
CHEE7113 2 Whole of Process Optimisation and Control
ENGG4900 2 Professional Practice and the Business Environment

Year 5, Semester 2

Course Code Units Course Title
CHEE7103 4 Chemical Engineering ME Design Project
ENGG7701 2 Engineering Grand Challenges
MINE4200 2 Impact and Risk for Minerals Processing

Part N - Electives

Course Code Units Course Title
CHEE7112 2 Integrated Safety Design and Management
CHEE7501 2 Advanced Water Technology and Management
CHEE7502 2 Sustainable Bioresource Engineering
ENGG7602 2 Advanced Engineering Laboratory Techniques
ENVM7524 2 Carbon & Energy Management
MATE7001 2 Environmental Performance of Materials
MATE7013 2 Advanced Manufacturing
TIMS7317 2 Corporate Sustainability