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View the course list for courses that can be studied as part of the Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering dual major.


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Why study Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering?

Metallurgical engineers play a key role in ensuring the sustainability of our modern society. Everything in our material world, even our major energy sources, are derived from minerals or recycled materials. It is the role of the metallurgical engineer to develop, design and operate processes that transform these low value raw materials into useful high value mineral and metal products.

The dual major in chemical & metallurgical engineering provides the best of both worlds - a broad education in chemical engineering combined with more specialist metallurgy courses. The program for the dual major has been designed for maximum commonality with the chemical engineers program, particularly in years 1 and 2 of the program. Elective courses in chemical engineering can be counted towards the dual major.

What you can study

The compulsory metallurgy courses included in the program provides students with the experience and skills that employers in the minerals and manufacturing industries seek. These courses include both the physical and chemical processing techniques, process modelling, process design and economics, individual research.

The combination of courses within the dual major program provides maximum flexibility in job choice with a head start for those who want a career in the minerals and manufacturing industries.


View the course list for courses that can be studied as part of the Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering dual major.

Employment opportunities

Metallurgists find employment in a wide range of companies and employment prospects are excellent. Positions for metallurgical engineers are available in production operations, engineering design, consultancies, laboratories, marketing, finance and commerce, and in research and development. The industry provides generous, well-paid vacation work to enable you to obtain practical experience in the sector before you graduate, and scholarships to assist you to pay tuition fees. This is a truly international profession with a choice of employment and lifestyle opportunities throughout Australia and overseas.

What it costs

Please view the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) for indicative fees.

How to apply

Please view the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) for information on key dates and how to apply.