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Biological Sciences School, Chemistry & Molec Biosciences, Historical & Philosophical Inq, Info Tech & Elec Engineering, Mathematics & Physics School




One Semester

Class contact

3 Lecture hours, 2 Tutorial hours, 2 Contact hours




Restricted to BAdvSc(Hons) students

Assessment methods

Practical exercies, oral presentations, written assignments, examination.

Course coordinator

Prof. Peter Adams

Current course offerings

Course offerings Location Mode Course Profile
Semester 1, 2018 St Lucia Internal Profile unavailable

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Course description

This course provides an in-depth introduction to the broad range of mathematical, analytical, conceptual and computational tools employed by scientists to develop, analyse and interpret a range of models that are useful in modern science. To emphasize the importance and generality of these tools, a number of key contemporary topics in science will be studied, including climate, population dynamics, pharmacokinetics, epidemics, energy, kinematics and life. The course will demonstrate how and why mathematical models underpin modern science, and students will learn how to develop and analyse such models using a variety of mathematical techniques. The course also makes extensive use of computer programming (using the language Python) as a vital tool in modern scientific modelling. Students will be introduced to some fundamental philosophical issues in science and gain an appreciation of some of the assumptions that underlie science and the supposed scientific method. Students will explore the importance of critical thinking, creativity, communication, problem-solving and quantitative scientific skills in great depth.

This course is restricted to Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) students.

Archived offerings

Course offerings Location Mode Course Profile
Semester 1, 2017 St Lucia Internal Course Profile
Semester 1, 2016 St Lucia Internal Course Profile
Semester 1, 2015 St Lucia Internal Course Profile
Semester 1, 2014 St Lucia Internal Course Profile