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Postgraduate Coursework


Business, Economics & Law


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One Semester

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A/Prof R. Mahadevan

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Semester 2, 2019 St Lucia Internal Course Profile

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This is a multidisciplinary course designed for anyone who has an interest in the Chinese economy and wants to learn about a wide range of issues from a holistic perspective. The course is taught by experts who work on China from various disciplines across the university. Having greater breadth and an understanding from a wide array of disciplines enables critical thinking and diversity. More specifically, this course will critically examine China's policies and consider the key economic, business, political, social, legal and normative factors that shape China's current situation. By examining the complexity and nuance of China's position on a number of issues arising from various disciplines, the course aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of China's global engagement in a changing world.

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Semester 2, 2020 St Lucia Internal Profile unavailable