I understand that my application to, and participation in, one of The University of Queensland’s Virtual Exchange Programs is subject to the following terms and conditions.

I acknowledge that:

  • Although UQ may accept me to participate in the Virtual Exchange Program, officials at the Host University will make the final decision regarding the outcome of my application.
  • The period of the virtual exchange is outlined in my application. I cannot extend my experience at the host University once I have been accepted by UQ.
  • The University will share relevant personal and academic information with Host University and that this information may be subject to the privacy provisions of the Host country.

UQ requirements

  • I am responsible for ensuring that my contact details on mySI-net are accurate.
  • I am responsible for checking my UQ email account regularly. If I wish to use an alternative email I will arrange for my student email to be forwarded to that account. The University will direct all emails to your UQ email account.
  • I am responsible for ensuring that I am correctly enrolled at UQ (on mySI-net) in order to receive credit towards my UQ degree for any study I am undertaking.

University representation and conduct

  • While preparing for and undertaking my virtual exchange, I am a representative of The University of Queensland and will abide by the UQ Student Charter and all other relevant policies that guide student conduct.
  • Throughout my virtual exchange, I will abide by the standards, policies and regulations of any Host University. If I fail to meet or abide by the relevant standards, policies or rules of the Host University, or otherwise cause concern, this institution may notify UQ of my behaviour.

Courses, enrolment and credit

  • I am responsible for seeking approval for the courses that I intend to undertake at the Partner University and obtaining approval from my Faculty for any changes to these courses while studying.
  • Neither UQ nor the Host University can guarantee that courses for which I have received approval (from UQ) will be available at the time of enrolment at the Host University.
  • I am responsible for arranging alternative assessment with the Host University if the standard assessment/exam period clashes with the UQ semester that follows my virtual exchange.
  • I am responsible for catching up on any missed course content and assessment, informing the relevant academics of my absence, and enrolling in UQ courses before the appropriate deadlines.
  • Failing a course or courses while participating in the Virtual Exchange Program may result in the lengthening of my UQ program.
  • I am responsible for requesting an official academic transcript be provided by the Host University to UQ to enable credit to be processed, and I am responsible for ensuring that my UQ academic record (mySI-net) reflects this credit within six months of the end of my virtual exchange.
  • I am responsible for researching and understanding the full financial implications involved in my virtual exchange, and agree to pay all required fees in full by the published deadlines to the appropriate recipients.
  • The University of Queensland does not record grades obtained from study at another institution on the official academic transcript as part of the credit transfer towards a UQ program; therefore, the grades I receive from my virtual exchange will not count towards my Grade Point Average (GPA) at UQ. However, UQ will consider these results in the determination of University Medal calculations in accordance with UQ policy and Senate Rules). I understand that results received from a virtual exchange may also be taken into consideration when applying for Medical School and post-graduate studies.

Sponsored students/students in receipt of scholarships

  • I am responsible for confirming with my sponsor, International Scholarships, and/or UQ Scholarships whether I am eligible to participate in a virtual exchange, and how this may impact my sponsored status.

International students

  • I am responsible for researching the impact that my participation in a virtual exchange may have on my current and future visa status in Australia, including the timelines for completion of my study.

Additional requirements for exchange

  1. I will be charged tuition fees commensurate with the number of units in which I am enrolled at UQ while studying through the Virtual Exchange Program. I understand that I am required to pay for the units in which I am enrolled at UQ (according to my fee status) regardless of the number of units of credit granted towards my UQ degree for the courses undertaken at the Host Institution.
  2. I understand that undertaking virtual exchange in the last semester of my current degree program will likely delay my graduation as timelines for obtaining an official academic transcript from the Host University may not align with UQ graduation deadlines.