Program Rules for the Bachelor of Veterinary Science

BVSc Rules

1.         Program requirements:


1.1       Program requirements: #80 from the BVSc list.


1.2       A student must complete additional requirements (including vacation practical work) set by the head of school.



2.         Special rules:


2.1       Rate of progress: A student is required to obtain credit for all courses in a year before progressing to the next year of the program. However students within the first three years of the program may apply to the head of school for permission to vary this progression.


2.2       Part-time enrolment: A student who fails a course set for a year may, if approved by the executive dean, enrol as a part-time student in the following year to complete the course.


2.3       Continuous enrolment: Unless approved by the head of school, a student must undertake the program without interruption


2.4       Supplementary examinations: The executive dean may grant a supplementary examination –


(a)    to a student in their first year of the BVSc program, if the student gains a grade of 2 or 3 in the courses concerned; or


(b)   to a student who gains a grade of 3 in a course, if it is the first time after the commencement of semester 1 2006 that the student gains a grade of 3 in the program; or


(c)    to a student who —


(i)     gains a grade of 2 or 3; and


(ii)    failed no more than #4 in semester 1 or failed no more than #8 in the academic year; or


(d)   to a student who gains a grade of 2 or 3 in the final semester of the program when the attainment of a higher grade would enable a student to complete the program requirements.


2.5       Award of the bachelor of veterinary biology: A student who withdraws from the program after completing #48 of the program at this university may be awarded the bachelor of veterinary biology.



3.         Honours:


Note   See GAR 2.4.

Honours may be awarded to a student on the basis of the student’s grade point average for their first attempt at all non-elective level III, IV and V courses in the BVSc program.




Updated Senate 21 October 2010

Veterinary Science, Bachelor of

Program rules applicable for 2012