Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Part A

Course Code Units Course Title
EIBS7300 2 Creativity for Innovation and Design Thinking
EIBS7301 2 Idea Management
EIBS7302 2 Evidence Based Innovation: From Business Model To Business Plan
EIBS7303 2 Building Innovation Capability

Part B

Fields of Study
A student is required to complete at least 8 units as specified from one field of study, or a combination of 8 units from any of the fields.


Course Code Units Course Title
BIOT7005 2 Business Planning in Biotechnology
BIOT7031 2 Quality Management Systems in Biotechnology
BIOT7033 2 Issues in Biotechnology
TIMS7323 2 Bio-Entrepreneurship and Innovation
TIMS7328 2 Strategies for Business Sustainability and Innovation

Food Entrepreneurship

Course Code Units Course Title
AGRC7043 2 Agrifood Strategies and Competitiveness
AGRC7050 2 Agribusiness Value Chain Management
FOOD7006 2 Food Safety & Quality Management
FOOD7011 2 Principles of Food Preservation
FOOD7016 2 Food Sensory & Physical Assessment
FOOD7019 2 Food Product and Process Designs
MKTG7961 2 Agribusiness Marketing

Design and Information Technology

Course Code Units Course Title
BISM7202 2 Information Systems for Management
CSSE7030 2 Introduction to Software Engineering
DECO7110 2 Design Thinking
DECO7140 2 Introduction to Web Design
DECO7180 2 Design Computing Studio 1 - Interactive Technology
DECO7230 2 Digital Prototyping

Social and Community Entrepreneurship

Course Code Units Course Title
EIBS7304 2 Entrepreneurial Leadership
POLS7107 2 Globalisation, International Political Economy and Development
MGTS7308 2 Social Enterprises and Not for Profits
MKTG7513 2 Marketing for Social Change
SOSC7288 2 Community Development: Local and International Practices
TIMS7329 2 Social Entrepreneurship in Practice

Sustainable Energy

Course Code Units Course Title
ENGY7000 2 Energy Principles and Renewable Energy
ENGY7001 2 Climate Science and Policy
ENGY7002 2 Energy and Development
ENGY7200 2 Energy Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
MGTS7523 2 System Dynamics
TIMS7317 2 Corporate Sustainability
TIMS7328 2 Strategies for Business Sustainability and Innovation

Part C

Course Code Units Course Title
EIBS7305 4 Commercialisation in Practice Project
EIBS7306 4 Grand Challenges
EIBS7307 4 Lean Start Up
EIBS7308 4 Corporate Spin-Out

Part D

Course Code Units Course Title
ECON7070 2 Economic Analysis of Strategy
ECON7540 2 Economics of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
MGTS7310 2 Business Negotiation
MGTS7525 2 Business Dynamics
MGTS7526 2 Risk Assessment and Decision Analysis
MGTS7995 2 Private Sector Innovation and Sustainable Development
PLAN7901 2 Principles of Project Management
RBUS7980 2 Research Report
RBUS7999 2 Business Industry Placement
TIMS7301 2 Principles of Entrepreneurship