Students are required to complete 32 units from the MIR/MPaCS consisting of:
16 units for Part A; and
8 units from Part B; and
8 units from Part C

Part A

16 units for -

Course Code Units Course Title
POLS7107 2 Globalisation, International Political Economy and Development
POLS7211 2 International Security
POLS7216 2 Evolution of the International System
POLS7251 2 Theories in International Relations
POLS7502 2 Conflict Resolution
POLS7505 2 Peacebuilding
POLS7512 2 Contested Peace: Critical Concepts in Peace and Conflict Studies
POLS7550 2 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies

Part B

4 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
POLS7225 2 Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
POLS7227 2 Critical Security Studies
POLS7228 2 Strategic Studies
POLS7325 2 Security and Development
POLS7229 2 Global Governance: Origins, Challenges and Trajectories
POLS7302 2 Politics of Development
HIST7104 2 The Making of the Modern Asia Pacific
POLS7208 2 International Relations of the Asia- Pacific
POLS7408 2 International Political Economy of the Asia Pacific
POLS7409 2 Governance and Regionalism in the Asia Pacific
LAWS7710 2 Principles of Global Law
LAWS7711 2 Laws of Armed Conflict
LAWS7713 2 Law, Terrorism and Human Rights
LAWS7714 2 Refugees, Asylum Seekers and the Law: Rights and Realities
POLS7260 2 Politics of International Law

and 4 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
CRMD7000 4 Mediation
POLS7306 2 International Crisis Management
POLS7510 2 Culture, Conflict and Reconciliation
POLS7513 2 Conflict Analysis and Prevention
POLS7504 2 Contemporary Peacekeeping
POLS7514 2 Philosophies and Practice of Nonviolence
POLS7515 2 Hybridity, Local Peace and Governance
POLS7524 2 Preventing Sexual and Gender Based Violence
POLS7530 2 Introduction to the Responsibility to Protect
POLS7531 2 Early Warning and Atrocity Prevention
POLS7532 2 Practices of Atrocity Prevention

Part C

8 units comprising:

at least 2 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
POLS7190 2 Indigenous Politics within and beyond the state
POLS7503 2 Ethics and Human Rights
POLS7506 2 Arms Control & Disarmament

and at least 2 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
POLS7509 2 Gender and the Global Politics of Development
POLS7523 2 Gender, Peace and Security in Global and Local Perspective

and the remainder from -

Course Code Units Course Title
POLS7207 2 Independent Study
POLS7521 2 Applied Fieldwork Experience
POLS7701 2 Research Methods
POLS7704 4 Research Report