Master of Sustainable Energy

A student is required to obtain 24 units comprising -

  1. 16 units from Part A; and
  2. 8 units from Part B courses approved by the executive dean.

Part A

Course Code Units Course Title
ENGY7000 2 Energy Principles and Renewable Energy
ENGY7001 2 Climate Science and Policy
ENGY7002 2 Energy and Development
ENGY7003 2 Low Emission Technologies and Supply Systems
ENGY7004 2 Energy Investment and Finance
ENGY7117 2 Energy Markets, Law and Policy
ENGY7200 2 Energy Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
ENGY7301 2 Energy Efficiency and Transport

Part B

Note: Part B courses are grouped in study areas. Students can complete 8 units from one study area, however this will not appear on your testamur.

Elective Projects

Course Code Units Course Title
ENGY7215 4 Mini Project in Energy
ENGY7112 8 Professional Project
ENGY7113 8 Professional Project -part B
ENGY7114 8 Professional Project
ENGY7115 8 Professional Project
ENGY7116 8 Professional Project

International Business

Course Code Units Course Title
IBUS7302 2 Operating International Business
IBUS7306 2 Globalisation & the World Economy
IBUS7312 2 Doing Business in Asia
MGTS7329 2 Cross Cultural Management


Course Code Units Course Title
ECON7000 2 Foundations in Microeconomics
ECON7001 2 Foundations in Macroeconomics
ECON7720 2 Ecological & Environmental Economics
ECON7730 2 Natural Resource Economics
ECON7760 2 The Economics of Climate Change


Course Code Units Course Title
ENVM7001 2 Environmental Management Principles and Approaches
ENVM7123 2 Regulatory Frameworks for Environmental Management & Planning
ENVM7124 2 International Regulatory Frameworks for Climate Change & Environmental Management
ENVM7512 2 Environmental Problem Solving
ENVM7513 2 Environment & Community
ENVM7524 2 Carbon & Energy Management


Course Code Units Course Title
LAWS7805 2 Natural Resources Law
LAWS7851 2 Mediation
LAWS7908 2 Native Title Law and Practice
LAWS7936 2 Fundamentals of the Common Law
LAWS7987 2 International Law & Development