Part A

Course Code Units Course Title
ENVM7003 2 Applied Research Methods
GEOM7200 2 Geographical Information and Data Analysis
INFS7900 2 Introduction to Information Systems
MATH7040 2 Basic Mathematics

Part B

Course Code Units Course Title
GEOM7000 2 Introduction to Earth Observation Sciences (EOS)
GEOM7001 2 Advanced Earth Observation Sciences (EOS)
GEOM7002 2 Advanced Geographical Information Systems
GEOM7004 2 Geospatial Processing and Web Mapping
GEOM7005 2 Geographical Information Systems
GEOS7400 2 Research Topic 1 (Geographical Sciences)

Part C

Course Code Units Course Title
CONS6017 2 Landscape Ecology
ENVM7200 2 Coastal Processes & Management
ENVM7201 2 Catchment Processes & Management
ENVM7202 2 Resource Management & Environmental Planning
ENVM7205 2 Climate Change and Environmental Management
ENVM7206 2 Tools for Environmental Assessment and Analysis
MGTS7523 2 System Dynamics
GEOG7000 2 Applied Demography
GEOG7002 2 Global Population Issues
GEOS7103 2 Biogeography & Geomorphology
GEOS7403 4 Research Project (Geographical Sciences)
INFS7903 2 Relational Database Systems
PLAN7120 2 Planning Theory
PLAN7122 2 Urban Design
PLAN7124 2 Strategic Metropolitan Planning
WRIT6001 2 Academic English & Thesis Writing for International Students

Part D

Course Code Units Course Title
GEOM7400 4 Geographic Information Science Research Project