Part A

Course Code Units Course Title
BIOT7005 2 Business Planning in Biotechnology
BIOT7018 2 Biologics
BIOT7031 2 Quality Management Systems in Biotechnology
BIOT7033 2 Issues in Biotechnology

Part B

Course Code Units Course Title
BIOC6006 2 Directed Studies in Molecular Genetics
BIOC6007 2 Directed Studies in Biomolecular Structure & Function
BIOT6014 2 Literature Review B

Part C

Course Code Units Course Title
BINF6000 2 Concepts in Bioinformatics
BIOC6017 2 Introduction to the Molecular Biology Laboratory
BIOC7001 2 Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory
BIOC7004 2 Advanced Protein Technology
BIOL7005 2 Research & Development Proposal
BIOT7030 2 Drug Discovery & Development
BIOT7040 2 Biotechnology Intellectual Property Case Studies
EIBS7305 4 Commercialisation in Practice Project
MICR7001 2 Food Microbiology and Biotechnology
MICR7002 2 Immunology and Infectious Diseases
TIMS7301 2 Principles of Entrepreneurship

Part D

Course Code Units Course Title
BIOT6014 2 Literature Review B
BIOT6015 4 Literature Review C
BIOT7000 8 Research Project
BIOT7002 8 Research Project
BIOT7003 8 Research Project
BIOT7004 8 Research Project
BIOT7010 2 Research Project
BIOT7011 4 Research Project
BIOT7012 8 Research Project
BIOT7014 2 Literature Review B
BIOT7015 4 Literature Review C
BIOT7019 8 Research Project
BIOT7034 2 Research Project
BIOT7035 4 Research Project