Master of Conservation Science

Part A

24 units for -

Course Code Units Course Title
CONS6009 2 Conservation & Wildlife Biology
CONS7008 2 Sampling Design and Analysis in Conservation Science
CONS7021 2 Conservation Decision-Making
CONS7022 2 Space invaders. Invasive species, field skills and GIS mapping
CONS7024 2 Marine Conservation
CONS7025 2 Rainforest Conservation
CONS7027 2 Conservation Concerns: An industry perspective
CONS7029 2 Conservation in Context
CONS7030 2 Conservation and Agriculture
ENVM7505 2 International & National Conservation Policy
GEOM7005 2 Geographical Information Systems
PHIL7221 2 Environmental Philosophy

Part B - Research Option

8 units for:

Course Code Units Course Title
CONS7004 8 Major Research Project & Seminars

Part C - Coursework Option

8 units from:

Course Code Units Course Title
CONS6017 2 Landscape Ecology
ENVM7001 2 Foundations in Environmental Studies
ENVM7124 2 International Regulatory Frameworks for Climate Change & Environmental Management
ENVM7200 2 Coastal Processes & Management
ENVM7201 2 Catchment Processes & Management
ENVM7206 2 Tools for Environmental Assessment and Analysis
ENVM7511 2 Natural Resource Management
ENVM7512 2 Environmental Problem Solving
ENVM7522 2 Protected Area Management
ENVM7524 2 Carbon & Energy Management
GEOM7000 2 Introduction to Earth Observation Sciences (EOS)