Inbound MGMan students: the courses you are to study at UQ will vary depending on the credit you receive from prior study. Please consult the UQ Business School prior to enrolling in this program.

Part A


Course Code Units Course Title
IBUS7302 2 Operating International Business
IBUS7306 2 Globalisation & the World Economy
MGTS7329 2 Cross Cultural Management

Part B

Fields of Study

International Economics & Finance

Course Code Units Course Title
ECON7530 2 International Trade & Investment
ECON7540 2 Economics of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
ECON7560 2 Globalisation and Economic Development
ENVM7524 2 Carbon & Energy Management
FINM7406 2 International Financial Management
POLS7107 2 Globalisation, International Political Economy and Development

International Enterprise Management

Course Code Units Course Title
ADVT7506 2 Strategic Advertising Management
IBUS7312 2 Doing Business in Asia
IBUS7316 2 International Supply Chains
IBUS7322 2 International Service Operations Management
MGTS7603 2 Strategic Human Resource Management
TIMS7328 2 Strategies for Business Sustainability and Innovation

International Tourism

Course Code Units Course Title
EVNT7050 2 International Event Issues and Strategies
HOSP7051 2 Global Hospitality Operations
HOSP7052 2 Global Hotel, Resort and Casino Management
HOSP7053 2 Service Leadership in Hospitality
TOUR7053 2 Tourism in Developing Economies

Part C

Other Electives

Course Code Units Course Title
MGTS7303 2 Principles of Strategic Management
MGTS7310 2 Business Negotiation
MGTS7618 2 Wise Leadership
MKTG7502 2 Strategic Branding
RBUS7914 2 Special Topics in Business II
TIMS7317 2 Corporate Sustainability
TIMS7326 2 Management of Intellectual Property

Part D

Research - requires permission from Head of School

Course Code Units Course Title
[ IBUS7325 6 Global Management Thesis B [1]
[ or
[ IBUS7326 8 Global Management Thesis C [1]
RBUS6901 2 Qualitative Business Research Methods
RBUS6902 2 Quantitative Business Research Methods I
RBUS6903 2 Quantitative Business Research Methods II

End notes

  • [1] Available only to incoming exchange students of the MGMan.