Graduate Certificate in Nursing

Part A Core

#6 for -

Course Code Units Course Title
HLTH7308 2 Developing a Research Proposal
NURS7200 2 Health Assessment Skills for Specialist Nursing Practice
NURS7201 2 Specialist Nursing Practice & Models of Care

Part B Electives

#2 from -

Course Code Units Course Title
NURS7302 2 Contemporary Nursing of Children & Young People
NURS7303 2 Working in Partnership with Families
NURS7402 2 Complex Supportive Care in Chronic Disease Management and Palliative Care
NURS7403 2 Clinical Practice in Chronic Disease Management & Palliative Care
NURS7502 2 Rural and Remote Nursing: High Acuity Practice
NURS7503 2 Rural and Remote Nursing: Clinical Practice
NURS7602 2 Primary Health Care, Nursing, Policy, Politics & Economics
NURS7603 2 Chronic Disease Management in the Primary Health Care Context
NURS7802 2 Financial Management in Aged Care
NURS7803 2 Workforce Service and Management in Aged Care
NURS7902 2 Paediatric and Neonatal Advanced Practice Respiratory Care
NURS7903 2 Paediatric and Neonatal Cardiovascular and Specialty Care