Year 1, Semester 1

Course Code Units Course Title
COUN7001 2 Interpersonal Skills in Counselling 1
COUN7002 2 Theories of Counselling
COUN7005 2 Counselling and Mental Health
COUN7014 2 Understanding and Caring for Those Affected by Loss

Year 1, Semester 2

Course Code Units Course Title
COUN7006 2 Interpersonal Skills and Processes in Counselling Among Diverse Groups
COUN7012 2 Counselling Children and Young People
COUN7016 2 Ethics and Professional Practice Issues in Counselling
SWSP7267 2 Family Therapy Traditions: Basic Concepts and Skills

Year 2, Semester 1

Course Code Units Course Title
COUN7004 2 Relationship Counselling
COUN7019 2 Counselling for Crisis and Violence
COUN7020 6 Counselling Practicum [1]
HLTH7308 2 Developing a Research Proposal

Year 2, Semester 2

Course Code Units Course Title
COUN7015 2 Counselling for Health and Capacity Challenges
COUN7020 6 Counselling Practicum [1]


Course Code Units Course Title
EDUC7001 2 On the Edge: Identifying and Assisting Students at Risk
EDUC7009 2 Career Guidance: Counselling for Life Planning
HPRM7004 2 Introduction to Substance Use & Misuse
HPRM7005 2 Assessment & Interventions for Substance Misuse
PSYC8017 2 Public Health Psychology
PSYC8291 2 Applied Gerontology
PUBH7003 2 Qualitative Research: Public Health Applications
PUBH7620 2 Social Perspectives in Public Health

End notes

  • [1] This course is offered over more than one semester. Enrol in the same course code in each semester.