Part A

Course Code Units Course Title
ACCT7101 2 Accounting
AGRC7046 2 Leadership in Rural Industries and Communities
AGRC7047 2 Global Challenges in Agriculture
AGRC7123 2 Agribusiness Planning and Management
MGTS7976 2 Effective Stakeholder Engagement
MKTG7961 2 Agribusiness Marketing
MKTG7966 2 Applied Market Research

Part B

Course Code Units Course Title
AGRC7043 2 Agrifood Strategies and Competitiveness
AGRC7045 2 Agricultural Research Methodologies
AGRC7050 2 Agribusiness Value Chain Management
FINM7960 2 Agribusiness Project Appraisal

Part C

Course Code Units Course Title
[ AGRC7611 4 Graduate Research Project I
[ or
[ AGRC7618 8 Graduate Research Project III
[ or
[ AGRC7619 8 Graduate Research Project III

Part D

Course Code Units Course Title
AGRC7005 2 Advanced Agronomy
AGRC7049 2 Extension and Participatory Practice
AGRC7520 2 International Agricultural Development
ANIM7001 2 Animal Science & Production
ANIM7620 2 Concepts in Animal Science
ECON7300 2 Statistics for Business & Economics
ENVM7100 2 Foundations of Sustainable Development
MGTS7523 2 System Dynamics
FOOD7006 2 Food Safety & Quality Management
FOOD7011 2 Principles of Food Preservation
HORT7002 2 Horticulture Production
LAWS7023 2 Business and Corporate Law
MGTS7308 2 Social Enterprises and Not for Profits
MGTS7603 2 Strategic Human Resource Management
MGTS7963 2 Evaluation of Programs & Projects
MGTS7968 2 Rural Community Development
MKTG7503 2 Consumer & Buyer Behaviour
MKTG7510 2 Market & Consumer Research
MKTG7960 2 Commodities, Futures and Options
TIMS7301 2 Principles of Entrepreneurship