Part A

28 units for -

Course Code Units Course Title
BIOL1030 2 Global Challenges in Biology
ENVM1002 2 Critical Analysis in Environmental Management
ENVM1501 2 Introduction to Environmental Management
ENVM1512 2 Ecological Economics
ENVM2000 2 Environmental Data Analysis
ENVM2008 2 Cultural Heritage Management
ENVM3102 4 Industry Placement (Environmental Management)
ENVM3103 2 Regulatory Frameworks for Environmental Management & Planning
GEOG1000 2 Human Settlements
GEOM1000 2 Geographical Information and Data Analysis
GEOM2001 2 Geographical Information Systems
GEOS1100 2 Environment & Society
MATH1040 2 Basic Mathematics [1]

Part B

Natural Systems & Wildlife Major
Major requirements (16 units)

Course Code Units Course Title
BIOL2010 2 Ecology
BIOL2015 2 Ecology Field Studies
ENVM2200 2 Resource Management & Environmental Planning
ENVM3001 2 Principles of Wildlife Management
ENVM3105 4 Field Excursion (Natural Systems & Wildlife)
ENVM3530 2 Environment and Community
LAND2003 2 The Soil Environment

Sustainable Development Major
Major requirements (16 units)

Course Code Units Course Title
PLAN1001 2 Introduction to Planning
ENVM2100 2 Sustainable Development
ENVM2101 2 Sustainable Consumption and Production
ENVM3106 4 Field Excursion (Sustainable Development)
ENVM3203 2 Tools for Environmental Assessment and Analysis
ENVM3525 2 Sustainable Business Practice
GEOG2205 2 Global Population Issues

Part C


Course Code Units Course Title
AGRC3035 2 Short International Experience
ANTH1008 2 Introduction to Anthropology: People, Cultures and Societies
ANTH2010 2 Anthropology of Aboriginal Australia
ARCA1000 2 Discovering Archaeology
BIOL2006 2 Biostatistics & Experimental Design
BIOL2015 2 Ecology Field Studies
BIOL3000 2 Conservation
BIOL3016 2 Outback Ecology Field Studies
BIOL3215 2 Marine Ecology and Conservation
BIOL3227 2 Plant Identification and Vegetation Classification
BIOL3310 2 Macroecology and Biogeography
BIOL3340 2 Fish, Fisheries and Aquaculture
BIOL3360 2 Analysis and Communication of Biological Data
BIOL3370 2 Ecology and Evolution of Animal-Plant Interactions
CHEM1100 2 Chemistry 1
CONS3017 2 Landscape Ecology
ECON1120 2 The Economics of Social Issues
ECON2560 2 Economics of Globalisation and Development
ECON3700 2 Environmental Economics
ENVM2002 2 Marine & Coastal Environmental Protection
ENVM2512 2 Fire Ecology & Management
ENVM2522 2 Carbon & Energy Management
ENVM3104 2 International Regulatory Frameworks for Climate Change & Environmental Management
ENVM3115 2 Climate Change and Environmental Management
ENVM3200 2 Coastal Processes & Management
ENVM3201 2 Catchment Processes & Management
ENVM3203 2 Tools for Environmental Assessment and Analysis
ENVM3211 2 Environmental Toxicology and Monitoring
ENVM3305 2 Environmental Management in Mining
ENVM3400 2 International Experience Field Studies
ENVM3405 2 Managing Post-Mining Landscapes: Land Rehabilitation in the Mining Industry
ENVM3506 2 International & National Conservation Policy
ENVM3517 2 Protected Area Management
ENVM3523 2 Natural Resource Management
ENVM3524 2 Business Management in a Carbon Constrained World
ENVM3525 2 Sustainable Business Practice
ENVM3528 2 Industrial Ecology & Life Cycle Thinking
ENVM3529 2 Northern and Tropical Queensland Tour
ERTH1000 2 Planet Earth: The Big Picture
GEOG2001 2 Human Mobility and Migration
GEOG2205 2 Global Population Issues
GEOG3000 2 Regional Economic Development Planning
GEOG3205 2 Applied Demography
GEOM2000 2 Introduction to Earth Observation Sciences (EOS)
GEOM3001 2 Advanced Earth Observation Sciences (EOS)
GEOM3002 2 Advanced Geographical Information Systems
GEOM3005 2 Geospatial Processing and Web Mapping
GEOS2100 2 Environmental Systems
GEOS2101 2 Climatology & Hydrology
GEOS2103 2 Biogeography & Geomorphology
GEOS3004 2 International Field Studies: Natural & Built Environments of a Selected Region
GEOS3102 2 Global Change: Problems and Prospects
GEOS3106 2 Environmental Hazards
GEOS3107 2 Plants, People and the Environment
GEOS3400 2 Research Topic
LAND2003 2 The Soil Environment
LAND3007 2 Land Use & Management
LPWM3005 2 Game Management - the Science of Sustainable Use
MARS2014 2 Marine Science
MARS3012 2 Physical-biological Oceanography
MATH3104 2 Mathematical Biology
MGTS3526 2 Systems Thinking
MINE3127 2 Socio-Environmental Aspects of Mining
PHIL2210 2 Environmental Philosophy
PLAN1001 2 Introduction to Planning
PLAN3005 2 Community Planning & Participation
PLAN3200 2 International Field Course: Exploring Development Complexities
PLNT2011 2 Plant and Environmental Health
PLNT3012 2 Weed Science
POLS1101 2 Introduction to Australian Politics
POLS2401 2 Politics & the Economy
POLS2402 2 Globalisation & International Political Economy
POLS2404 2 The Political Dynamics of Development and Resistance
REDE3200 2 Real Estate Development Planning
STAT2003 2 Probability & Statistics
STAT2004 2 Statistical Modelling & Analysis

Up to two courses (4 units) may be selected from other University of Queensland bachelor degree courses outside Part C electives, without the consent of the Executive Dean. Any further courses chosen from outside Part C electives must have the approval of the Executive Dean.

Part D

16 units for -

Course Code Units Course Title
ENVM4100 4 Environmental Management Case Studies

Part E

16 units for-

Course Code Units Course Title
[ ENVM4200 8 Environmental Management Thesis
[ or
[ ENVM4201 8 Environmental Management Thesis
GEOS6001 2 Research Philosophy, Design & Implementation

End notes

  • [1] MATH1040 is compulsory for students who have not passed Maths B (or equivalent) in secondary school. For students who achieved a grade of SA in Maths B (or equivalent), it is recommended to complete MATH1040. MATH1040 is not available to students who received a grade of HA or higher in secondary school Math B (or equivalent) and those students should choose an elective course instead.