Part A

Course Code Units Course Title
LAWS1700 2 Foundations of Law
LAWS1701 2 Law of Contract I: Principles of Contractual Agreement
LAWS1702 2 Law of Contract II: Principles of Contractual Liability
LAWS1703 2 Principles of Public Law
LAWS2700 2 Criminal Law: Principles, Offences and Defences
LAWS2701 2 Criminal Law: Process and Procedure
LAWS2702 2 Law of Torts I
LAWS2703 2 Law of Torts II
LAWS2704 2 Trusts and Equity I
LAWS2705 2 Trusts and Equity II
LAWS2706 2 Foundations of Property Law
LAWS2707 2 Interests in Property
LAWS3700 2 Constitutional Law
LAWS3701 2 Administrative Law
LAWS3702 2 Corporate Law
LAWS3703 2 Ethics and the Legal Profession
LAWS3704 2 Jurisprudence
LAWS3705 2 Public International Law
LAWS4700 2 Law of Evidence
LAWS4701 2 Civil Dispute Resolution

Part B

Course Code Units Course Title
LAWS5121 2 Family Law
LAWS5122 2 Labour Law
LAWS5124 2 Human Rights Law
LAWS5125 2 Unjust Enrichment
LAWS5126 2 Medical Law
LAWS5127 2 Media Law
LAWS5130 2 Succession Law
LAWS5131 2 Planning Law
LAWS5134 2 Environmental Law
LAWS5135 2 Comparative Native Title Law
LAWS5136 2 Commercial Law
LAWS5138 2 Competition Law
LAWS5139 2 Insurance Law
LAWS5142 2 Consumer Law
LAWS5144 2 Introduction to Taxation Law
LAWS5151 2 Law and Technology
LAWS5152 2 Banking and Finance Law
LAWS5153 2 Private International Law
LAWS5156 2 International Humanitarian & Criminal Law
LAWS5160 2 Maritime Law
LAWS5162 2 European Union Law
LAWS5163 2 International Trade Law
LAWS5165 2 Jessup International Law Moot
LAWS5167 2 Asian Legal Systems
LAWS5168 2 Comparative Law
LAWS5169 2 Legal History
LAWS5171 2 Advanced Crime and Criminology
LAWS5172 2 Advanced Jurisprudence
LAWS5180 2 Clinical Legal Education
LAWS5182 2 Special Topic A
LAWS5183 2 Research Project A
LAWS5189 2 Islamic Law
LAWS5202 2 Immigration and Refugee Law
LAWS5206 2 Copyright Law
LAWS5207 2 Patent and Trademark Law
LAWS5208 2 Law Moot A
LAWS5209 2 Law Moot B
LAWS5213 2 Research Project B
LAWS5214 2 Research Project C
LAWS5219 2 International Organisations
LAWS5220 2 Personal and Corporate Insolvency
LAWS5221 2 Advanced Private Law
LAWS5222 2 Advanced Public Law
LAWS5223 2 Advanced Tax
LAWS5224 2 Special Topic B
LAWS5225 2 Special Topic C
LAWS5226 1 Special Project
LAWS5227 2 Law of Political Institutions
LAWS5228 2 Privacy Law
LAWS5229 2 Special Topic D
LAWS5230 2 Advocacy: Principles, Procedures and Practice
LAWS5231 2 Transnational Organised Crime Working Group
LAWS5233 2 Transnational Perspectives in Law