Part A

Course Code Units Course Title
ACCT1101 2 Accounting for Decision Making
LAWS1100 2 Business Law
MGTS1301 2 Introduction to Management
MGTS1601 2 Organisational Behaviour
MKTG1501 2 Foundations of Marketing
TOUR1000 2 Principles of Tourism, Hospitality & Events
TOUR1001 2 Global Cultures & Tourism
TOUR2001 2 Tourist and Visitor Behaviour
TOUR2007 2 Sustainable Tourism
TOUR2010 2 Applied Economics for Tourism
TOUR3008 2 Service Management in Tourism
TOUR3009 2 Professional Development

Part B

Where definite instructions are given, students must follow those instructions when planning their major.

Event Management

12 units for:

Course Code Units Course Title
EVNT2000 2 Fundamentals of Event Management
EVNT2003 2 Special Event Management
EVNT2004 2 Event Marketing
EVNT3003 2 Event Operations Management
EVNT3004 2 Event Sponsorship & Fundraising
EVNT3005 2 Strategic Event Management

Hospitality Management

12 units for:

Course Code Units Course Title
HOSP2001 2 Hotel Operations
HOSP2003 2 Hospitality Small Business Enterprises
HOSP2004 2 Discourses in Hospitality
HOSP3000 2 Gaming and Casino Management
HOSP3003 2 Food and Beverage Management
HOSP3004 2 Hotel Industry Management

Tourism Management

12 units for:

Course Code Units Course Title
TOUR2002 2 Tourism and Leisure Operations Management
TOUR2008 2 Tourism and Leisure Futures
TOUR2009 2 Destination and Experience Marketing
TOUR3001 2 Tourism Policy and Planning
TOUR3006 2 Responsible Tourism and Ethics
TOUR3007 2 Strategic Tourism Management