Zoology (Major)

(This major is available at St Lucia only)

Prerequisites for progression in this major:

Course Code Units Course Title
BIOL1020 2 Genes, Cells & Evolution
BIOL1030 2 Global Challenges in Biology
BIOL1040 2 Cells to Organisms

Major requirements (14 units)

4 units for -

Course Code Units Course Title
BIOL2006 2 Biostatistics & Experimental Design
BIOL2204 2 Zoology

and 2 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
BIOL2010 2 Ecology
BIOL2015 2 Ecology Field Studies
BIOL2201 2 Evolution
BIOL2202 2 Genetics
BIOL2203 2 Plant Biology
BIOL2205 2 Insect Science
MARS2014 2 Marine Science

and 6 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
BIOL3009 2 Arthropods & Human Health
BIOL3205 2 Physiological and Integrative Zoology
BIOL3207 2 Animal Behaviour
BIOL3209 2 Biodiversity Analysis, Discovery and Systematics
BIOL3232 2 Insect Identification and Taxonomy
BIOL3238 2 Insect Structure, Function & Physiology
BIOL3320 2 Vertebrate Diversity and Evolution
BIOL3360 2 Analysis and Communication of Biological Data

and 2 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
ANIM3049 2 Biology of Australian Marsupials and Monotremes
BIOL3016 2 Outback Ecology Field Studies
BIOL3211 2 Marine Invertebrates
BIOL3236 2 Climate Change Biology
BIOL3310 2 Macroecology and Biogeography
BIOL3340 2 Fish, Fisheries and Aquaculture
BIOL3370 2 Ecology and Evolution of Animal-Plant Interactions
MATH3104 2 Mathematical Biology