Urban Water Engineering - Field of Study

Students must complete for the ME (Urban Water Engineering) (Plan Code:URBWAX5674), 32 units comprising the following;

  1. 26 units from part A (Compulsory); and
  2. at most 2 units from part B (Advanced BE (Hons) Electives); and
  3. at least 2 units from part C (ME Electives); and
  4. at most 2 units from part D (Non-engineering ME Electives).

Part A - Compulsory

Course Code Units Course Title
CHEE4002 2 Impact and Risk in the Process Industries
CIVL7131 2 Urban Hydrology
WATR7103 2 Advanced Wastewater and Biosolids Treatment
WATR7104 2 Sewer Networks - Design, Operation and Maintenance
WATR7105 2 Integrated Urban Water Management
WATR7108 2 Advanced Unit Operations in Water Management
WATR7109 2 Drinking Water Supply: Source, Treatment and Distribution
ENGG7901 2 Professional Engineering and the Business Environment: Global Practice
ENGG7902 2 Engineering Innovation and Leadership
[ ENGG7281 8 Engineering Project 8A [1]
[ or
[ ENGG7282 8 Engineering Project 8A [1]
[ or
[ ENGG7290 8 Engineering Placement Semester [2]

Part B - Advanced BE(Hons) Electives

Course Code Units Course Title
CIVL4140 2 Groundwater & Surface Water Modelling
CIVL4170 2 Environmental Risk Assessment and Management
CIVL4180 2 Sustainable Built Environment

Part C - ME Electives

Course Code Units Course Title
WATR7106 2 Emerging Issues in the Urban Water Cycle and Public Health
WATR7107 2 Wastewater Modelling and Control
CHEE7502 2 Sustainable Bioresource Engineering

Part D - Non-Engineering ME Electives

Course Code Units Course Title
ECON7540 2 Economics of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
ENVM7001 2 Foundations in Environmental Studies
ENVM7201 2 Catchment Processes & Management
ENVM7202 2 Resource Management & Environmental Planning
MGTS7303 2 Principles of Strategic Management
MGTS7309 2 Decision Making & Reporting for Sustainability
MGTS7607 2 Ethical Issues in Management
MGTS7615 2 Public Sector Accountability
MGTS7616 2 Designing Public Policy
TIMS7323 2 Bio-Entrepreneurship and Innovation

End notes

  • [1] This course is offered over more than one semester. Enrol in the same course code in each semester.
  • [2] Enrolment in this course involves a selection process and requires prior approval.