Supply Chain Management

2 units for:

Course Code Units Course Title
[ IBUS7316 2 International Supply Chains
[ or
[ IBUS7322 2 International Service Operations Management

8 units for:

Completion of the MITx MicroMasters Credential - Supply Chain Management, comprising five online modules and the Final Capstone Exam. These MITx modules are:

Supply Chain Analytics
Supply Chain Fundamentals
Supply Chain Design
Supply Chain Dynamics
Supply Chain Technology & Systems

Students must obtain a Verified Certificate (at a cost of US$200) for each MITx module. Five courses are needed to qualify for the capstone exam totalling US$1,000. The capstone exam fee is estimated between US$600-$800. Further information can be found here. International students, in any compulsory study period (ie. Semester 1 and Semester 2 each year), must study at least one course that is not online or distance education at UQ.