Real Estate and Development

Students must complete at least 12 units from the following (of which 6 units must be at level 3):

Course Code Units Course Title
LAWS2000 2 Real Estate Law
REDE1100 2 Valuation Principles
REDE3100 2 Investment Method of Valuation
REDE3101 2 Statutory Valuation
REDE3200 2 Real Estate Development Planning
REDE3201 2 Sustainable Real Estate Management

The remaining courses in the Real Estate and Development Major Course List must be taken by students intending to be eligible for full professional accreditation.

Course Code Units Course Title
GEOG2000 2 Economic Geography: Location and Land Use
PLAN1001 2 Introduction to Planning [1]
REDE1300 2 Building Construction Management & Economics
REDE2201 2 Real Estate Investment
REDE3102 2 Advanced Valuation
REDE3202 2 Development Appraisal Project

End notes

  • [1] This course does not count as part of the limit on level 1 electives for students in the single Bachelor of Business Management program undertaking the major in Real Estate & Development.