Extended Major

24 units consisting of:

6 units for compulsory gateway courses -

Course Code Units Course Title
GEOG1000 2 Human Settlements
GEOM1000 2 Geographical Information and Data Analysis
GEOS1100 2 Environment & Society

and 2 units for compulsory cornerstone course -

Course Code Units Course Title
GEOS2105 2 Geography of Australia

and 10 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
ENVM2200 2 Resource Management & Environmental Planning
GEOG2000 2 Economic Geography: Location and Land Use
GEOG2001 2 Human Mobility and Migration
GEOG2104 2 Urban Geography
GEOG2205 2 Global Population Issues
GEOM2000 2 Introduction to Earth Observation Sciences (EOS)
GEOM2001 2 Geographical Information Systems
GEOS2100 2 Environmental Systems
GEOS2101 2 Climatology & Hydrology
GEOS2103 2 Biogeography & Geomorphology
GEOS2110 2 Tectonics and Geomorphology of Active Plate Boundaries
CONS3017 2 Landscape Ecology
ENVM3200 2 Coastal Processes & Management
ENVM3201 2 Catchment Processes & Management
ENVM3203 2 Tools for Environmental Assessment and Analysis
ENVM3400 2 International Experience Field Studies
GEOG3000 2 Regional Economic Development Planning
GEOG3003 2 The Global Metropolis
GEOG3205 2 Applied Demography
GEOM3001 2 Advanced Earth Observation Sciences (EOS)
GEOM3002 2 Advanced Geographical Information Systems
GEOM3005 2 Geospatial Processing and Web Mapping
ENVM3115 2 Climate Change and Environmental Management
GEOS3004 2 International Field Studies: Natural & Built Environments of a Selected Region
GEOS3106 2 Environmental Hazards
GEOS3107 2 Plants, People and the Environment
GEOS3108 2 Meteorology
MARS3012 2 Physical-biological Oceanography
REDE3200 2 Real Estate Development Planning

and 6 units for compulsory capstone courses -

Course Code Units Course Title
GEOS3102 2 Global Change: Problems and Prospects
GEOS3103 2 Progress in Geography
GEOS3400 2 Research Topic