Electrical Engineering

For the MEngSc(Man)(Electrical Engineering Plan code: ELECTX5530),32 units comprising -

  1. 4 units from Part C;
  2. at least 10 units from Parts D and E with at least 4 units from Part D and at least 4 units from Part E;
  3. 6 units from Part F; and
  4. the balance from the combination of Parts A, B and F, with a maximum of 6 units from Parts A and F combined.

Part A

Course Code Units Course Title
COMP7308 2 Operating Systems Architecture
COMS7201 2 Computer Networks I
CSSE7301 2 Embedded Systems Design & Interfacing
ELEC7101 2 Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Fields & Waves
ELEC7302 2 Electrical Energy Conversion & Utilisation
ELEC7312 2 Signals, Systems & Control
ELEC7401 2 Electronic Circuits

Part B

Course Code Units Course Title
COMS7104 2 Microwave Engineering
COMS7200 2 Computer Networks II
COMS7400 2 Photonics
COMS7410 2 Communication Systems
CSSE7410 2 Digital System Design
CSSE7411 2 Advanced Embedded Systems
ELEC7303 2 Power Systems Analysis
ELEC7311 2 Power System Protection
ELEC7403 2 Medical & Industrial Instrumentation
ELEC7402 2 Advanced Electronic & Power Electronics Design
ELEC7420 2 Modern Asset Management and Condition Monitoring in Power System
ELEC7462 2 Digital Signal Processing
ELEC7463 2 Image Processing and Computer Vision
ELEC7606 2 Medical Imaging
ENGG7000 2 Systems Engineering
ENGG7020 2 Systems Safety Engineering
METR7200 2 Control Engineering 1
METR7202 2 Advanced Control & Robotics

Part C

Course Code Units Course Title
ENGG7302 2 Advanced Computational Techniques in Engineering
MGTS7610 2 Management Communication

Part D

Field: Biomedical Engineering

Course Code Units Course Title
ELEC7901 2 Advanced Medical Device Engineering
ELEC7902 2 Biomedical Signal Processing

Field: Microwave Telecommunications

Course Code Units Course Title
COMS7305 2 Advanced Microwave Engineering
COMS7307 2 Advanced Photonics [1]
COMS7308 2 Antenna Design [2]
COMS7309 2 Computational Techniques in Electromagnetics [2]

Field: Power Systems

Course Code Units Course Title
ELEC7051 2 Transformer Technology Design and Operation [1]
ELEC7309 2 Power System Planning and Reliability
ELEC7310 2 Electricity Market Operation and Security
ELEC7313 2 Renewable Energy Integration: Technologies to Technical Challenges [1]

Field: Control

Course Code Units Course Title
METR7203 2 Control Engineering 2 [1]

Courses offered on an occasional basis

Course Code Units Course Title
COMS7000 2 Advanced Topics in Communications I
COMS7310 2 Radar and Electronic Warfare Fundamentals
COMS7311 2 Microwave Remote Sensing
CSSE7500 2 Modelling and Simulation
CSSE7510 2 Reconfigurable Embedded Systems - Concepts and Practice
CSSE7520 2 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Avionics
CSSE7530 2 VLSI Circuits and Systems
ELEC7300 2 Advanced Topics in Power
ELEC7903 2 Biomedical Engineering in Sports Medicine
ENGG7300 2 Advanced Topics in Engineering I
ENGG7301 2 Advanced Topics in Engineering II

Part E

Course Code Units Course Title
ENGG7803 4 Engineering Postgraduate Project B [3]
ENGG7804 4 Engineering Postgraduate Project B [3]

Courses offered on an occasional basis

Course Code Units Course Title
ENGG7802 4 Engineering Postgraduate Project B [4]
ENGG7806 8 Engineering Postgraduate Project D [4]
ENGG7807 8 Engineering Postgraduate Project D [3]
ENGG7808 8 Engineering Postgraduate Project D [3]

Part F

Course Code Units Course Title
ECON7540 2 Economics of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
EIBS7300 2 Creativity for Innovation and Design Thinking
EIBS7301 2 Idea Management
EIBS7302 2 Evidence Based Innovation: From Business Model To Business Plan
EIBS7303 2 Building Innovation Capability
EIBS7304 2 Entrepreneurial Leadership
EIBS7305 4 Commercialisation in Practice Project
EIBS7307 4 Lean Start-Up
MGTS7523 2 System Dynamics
ENVM7524 2 Carbon & Energy Management
FINM7410 2 Environmental Finance
IBUS7302 2 Operating International Business
IBUS7306 2 Globalisation & the World Economy
IBUS7311 2 Managing the International Enterprise
IBUS7312 2 Doing Business in Asia
IBUS7314 2 Management Consulting in Asian Business
IBUS7315 4 Extended International Study
IBUS7316 2 International Supply Chains
IBUS7322 2 International Service Operations Management
MKTG7501 2 Fundamentals of Marketing
MKTG7502 2 Strategic Branding
MKTG7504 2 Service Strategy
MKTG7505 2 Product Strategy & Development
MKTG7510 2 Market & Consumer Research
MKTG7512 2 Strategic Marketing Management
MKTG7513 2 Marketing for Social Change
MGTS7303 2 Principles of Strategic Management
MGTS7308 2 Social Enterprises and Not for Profits
MGTS7309 2 Decision Making & Reporting for Sustainability
MGTS7329 2 Cross Cultural Management
MGTS7604 2 International Human Resource Management
MGTS7605 2 Performance Leadership
MGTS7607 2 Ethical Issues in Management
MGTS7609 2 Contemporary Employment Relations
MGTS7611 2 Employee and Organisational Development
MGTS7612 2 The Fundamentals of Designing and Staffing Organisations
MGTS7615 2 Public Sector Accountability
MGTS7616 2 Designing Public Policy
MGTS7618 2 Wise Leadership
MGTS7619 2 Leadership: Theory & Practice
MGTS7620 2 Leadership in Practice
ORGC7610 2 Communication and Organisation
TIMS7301 2 Principles of Entrepreneurship
TIMS7302 2 The Business of Complex Projects
TIMS7317 2 Corporate Sustainability
TIMS7323 2 Bio-Entrepreneurship and Innovation
TIMS7326 2 Management of Intellectual Property
TIMS7328 2 Strategies for Business Sustainability and Innovation
TIMS7329 2 Social Entrepreneurship in Practice
TIMS7330 2 Start-up Entrepreneurship In Practice
TIMS7331 2 Entrepreneurship Incubator

End notes

  • [1] Course is offered in even-numbered years only.
  • [2] Course is offered in odd-numbered years only.
  • [3] This course is offered over more than one semester. Enrol in the same course code in each semester.
  • [4] Code for students completing the course in one semester.