Extended Major

24 units consisting of:

6 units for compulsory gateway courses -

Course Code Units Course Title
ANTH1008 2 Introduction to Anthropology: People, Cultures and Societies
ARCA1000 2 Discovering Archaeology
ARCS1001 2 Doing Archaeology

and 4 units for compulsory cornerstone courses -

Course Code Units Course Title
ARCA2020 2 Archaeology of Australasia
ARCS2000 2 Science in Archaeology

and 8 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
ANTH2018 2 Material and Visual Culture
ANTH2098 2 Aboriginal Heritage: Anthropological and Archaeological Perspectives
ARCA2025 2 Archaeology of the Pacific Islands
ARCA2118 2 Cultural Heritage Management
ARCA2130 2 The Archaeology of Turkey
ARCS2003 2 Forensics: The Archaeology of Death & Crime Scenes
ARCS2010 2 Ancient Technologies: Experimental and Analytical Approaches to Understanding Past Technologies
ARCS2011 2 Lithic Analysis: Current and Future Directions for Research and Heritage Management
ARCS2050 2 Historical Archaeology
ARCS2060 2 Archaeology Field School
ARCS2070 2 Bioarchaeology: Human remains and ancient disease
ARCS2080 2 Plants and Archaeology: Food, fuel, foraging and farming in the human past
ARCS2168 2 Human Evolution
ARCS3001 2 Advanced Research in Archaeology
ARCS3020 2 Animals and Archaeology: analytical approaches to understanding past human-animal relationships
GEOS3107 2 Plants, People and the Environment

and 2 units for compulsory capstone course -

Course Code Units Course Title
ARCA3000 2 Predicting the Past

and 4 units for -

Course Code Units Course Title
ARCA3100 2 Critical Studies in World Prehistory
ARCS3010 2 Field Archaeology