Single Major

16 units consisting of:

4 units for compulsory gateway courses -

Course Code Units Course Title
ANTH1008 2 Introduction to Anthropology: People, Cultures and Societies
ANTH1030 2 Anthropology of Current World Issues: An Introduction

and 2 units for compulsory cornerstone course -

Course Code Units Course Title
ANTH2020 2 Anthropology: History, Theory, Practice

and 4 units to 6 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
ANTH2010 2 Anthropology of Aboriginal Australia
ANTH2018 2 Material and Visual Culture
ANTH2050 2 Ritual, Religion and Performance
ANTH2060 2 Environmental Anthropology
ANTH2098 2 Aboriginal Heritage: Anthropological and Archaeological Perspectives
ANTH2208 2 The Anthropology of Museums
ANTH2210 2 Independent Study for Anthropology
ANTH2250 2 Medical Anthropology: Local and Global Perspectives
ANTH2260 2 Applied Anthropology and Indigenous Territories
ANTH2270 2 Migration, Culture and Identity
ANTH3019 2 Development Practice & Social Impact
SOSC2169 2 Social Media: Technology, Self and Society
SOSC2190 2 Human Bodies, Culture & Society

which may include 2 units from -

Course Code Units Course Title
ABTS3020 2 Working with Indigenous People
ARCS2168 2 Human Evolution

and 4 units for compulsory capstone courses -

Course Code Units Course Title
ANTH3090 2 Ethnographic Fieldwork
ANTH3140 2 Advanced Research Topics in Anthropology