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Why study Animal and Veterinary Bioscience?

Companion animals, production animals and wildlife play important ecological, economic and social roles, and it is increasingly recognised that animals are important for human health and wellbeing. In order to feed a growing world population and to raise global living standards, you will seek to find greater efficiencies in animal production while also maintaining animal wellbeing. You will work with global collaborators to create farming systems which maintain sustainable ecosystems, and conserve wildlife populations to enhance diversity and sustainability.

More information about what can be studied in the Animal and Veterinary Bioscience Major.

What you can study

Animal and Veterinary Bioscience combines fundamental biological disciplines such as chemistry, biochemistry, biostatistics and microbiology with courses that examine animals from the molecular scale through to whole animal populations.

You will acquire a sound biological training to form the basis for on-going research training, application to industry or related sectors, or professional program progression such as veterinary science.

Animal and Veterinary Bioscience is also available as an extended major.

Pathway to Veterinary Science

This major is an ideal pathway for students aiming to improve their entry rank for admission to the Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours). Some credit towards the BVSc(Hons) may be available based on courses completed in the BSc.


View the course list for courses that can be studied as part of the Animal and Veterinary Bioscience single major.

Employment opportunities

You will find employment in industries concerned with the health, welfare, nutrition and management of production and companion animals, and wildlife.

Your diverse career options include working in roles such as consultant for animal production; health and wellbeing; animal nutritionist; biosecurity officer/consultant; animal reproduction consultant; conservationist; research scientist; and industry regulator in Government agencies.

There are also opportunities to pursue a career in research. Additional study at Masters or PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) level will prepare you for specialist research roles.

What it costs

Please view the Bachelors of Mathematics/Science for indicative fees.

How to apply

Please view the Bachelors of Mathematics/Science for information on key dates and how to apply.