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Why study Statistics?

Statistics is an essential part of science, providing the mathematical language and techniques necessary for understanding and dealing with chance and uncertainty in nature.

Statistics involves the design, collection, analysis and interpretation of numerical data, with the aim of extracting patterns and other useful information. Examples include the analysis of DNA and protein sequences, the construction of evolutionary trees from genetic data, the improvement of medical treatments via experimental designs, and the assessment of drought conditions through meteorological data. A main feature of statistics is the development and use of statistical and probabilistic models for random phenomena, which can be analysed and used to make principled predictions and decisions. Examples of such models can be found in biology (genetics, population modelling), finance (stock market fluctuations, insurance claims), physics (quantum mechanics/computing), medicine (epidemiology, spread of HIV/AIDS), telecommunications (internet traffic, mobile phone calls), and reliability (safety of oil rigs, aircraft failure), to name but a few.

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What you can study

The statistics major offers an in-depth knowledge of modern statistics, with a comprehensive treatment of both theory and applications, including the use of popular statistical and data analysis packages.


View the course list for courses that can be studied as part of the Statistics single major.

Employment opportunities

Students majoring in statistics are in very high demand in business, industry, research and government. In business and industry, statisticians are involved in quality control, reliability, product development and improvement, plus delivery and marketing processes. Statisticians may also manage assets and liabilities, determining the risks and returns of certain investments. Statisticians are employed by nearly every government department and in many scientific, medical, environmental, defence and agricultural agencies. Business firms rely on workers with a background in statistics to forecast sales, analyse business conditions, and help solve managerial problems.

What it costs

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How to apply

Please view the Bachelors of Music (Honours)/Science for information on key dates and how to apply.