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Why study Skin Cancer?

Skin cancers are the most common cancer managed by general practitioners (GPs) with more than 800,000 patient encounters each year. This program is designed to provide comprehensive training in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer. On completion, doctors will be able to effectively diagnose and manage the large majority of patients with skin cancer and associated conditions and also know when to refer a patient for more advanced treatment or further opinion.

What you can study

Topics covered include how to undertake a consultation (history and examination) for a skin check, and make a confident diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions using a dermoscope. Doctors will develop and demonstrate an ability to:

  • differentiate between major skin lesions
  • perform punch / excision biopsies, eliptical excisions and direct repair
  • perform cryotherapy, curettage and shave excisions
  • interpret pathology results.

Practitioners will develop an enhanced understanding of the structure and function of the skin as well as the epidemiology of skin cancer. This includes the anatomy of the head, neck and lower limb as relevant to skin cancer surgery including the principles that underly flap and graft surgery. This will enable physicians to perform a range of simple flaps to safely manage most skin cancers in most sites. Doctors will develop a sound understanding of how to demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism, minimise indemnity risk in their practice, and understand how to make the appropriate treatment choice in partnership with the patient.


View the course list for courses that can be studied as part of the Skin Cancer field of study.

What it costs

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