Course level



Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology




One Semester

Class contact

2 Lecture hours, 1 Tutorial hour, 2 Practical or Laboratory hours


BE Duals - Students who are required to complete STAT2201, or CHEE3010, or MINE3214, for the BE major must not enrol in ECON1310. Students are exempt from ECON1310 but must obtain approval from the BEL Faculty for a suitable replacement.

Assessment methods

Project reports, tutorials, exam.

Course coordinator

Dr Liguang Wang (

Study Abroad

This course is pre-approved for Study Abroad and Exchange students.

This course is not currently offered, please contact the school.

Course description

(Replaced by CHEE3010 for 3rd year students in Sem 1, 2012 and then by CHEE2010 for 2nd year students in Sem 2, 2012 and thereafter.) In MINE3214, students will learn statistics in the context of industrial processing of minerals and apply the statistics knowledge to design and undertake an on-site project, analyse data and report their experimental results to the client site management. Students will be under the supervision of the client site management and the course coordinator. The applied statistics and industrial experience will be of value to their professional development.

Archived offerings

Course offerings Location Mode Course Profile
Semester 1, 2011 St Lucia Internal Course Profile