Course level



Health & Behavioural Sciences


Nursing, Midwifery & Social Wk




One Semester

Class contact



BIOM1061, MIDW1105 or NURS1105 and NURS1104


BMid and BN/BMid

Assessment methods

Online test, written assignment, clinical skills assessment, final examination.

Course coordinator

Dr Nigel Lee (

Current course offerings

Course offerings Location Mode Course Profile
Semester 2, 2018 St Lucia Internal Course Profile

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Course description

The practice of midwifery involves partnerships with women, families, and communities. Knowledge and skills are the foundation to midwifery practice but knowing how to work in partnership with women and families is essential. This course will introduce students to the art of midwifery practice. Using a narrative approach to learning, students will explore cases and interact with women and families who have undergone the lived experience of challenges with preconception, assisted conception, and experienced normal pregnancy, labour and birth. Students will have the opportunity to practice skills of monitoring, assessing and caring for the woman and baby with challenges in pregnancy as well as normal pregnancy, labour and birth, in a simulated environment.