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Humanities and Social Sciences


Historical & Philosophical Inq




One Semester

Class contact

3 Contact hours

Assessment methods

Group work, essay design and writing, transcription work, critical review of digital media.

Course coordinator

Dr D Mackinnon, Dr P Jory, Dr E Morecroft

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This course is pre-approved for Study Abroad and Exchange students.

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Course description

The English Revolution, The Glorious Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Meiji Restoration, the Chinese Revolution, the Iranian Revolution ¬- the overthrow of monarchical absolutism all over the world has paved the way for the transformation of societies and the development of institutions and values we recognize as "modern": constitutionalism, popular sovereignty, republicanism, democracy, equality, capitalism and the nation. The disappearance of a political institution that is centuries or in some cases millennia old represents a profound disruption from the past. Yet the idea of monarchy as both a political system and the symbol of a hierarchical form of social order continues to haunt the modern world. This course will examine the institution of monarchy as an historical phenomenon across nations. Using case-studies, it will focus on the causes of the crisis of monarchy in countries around the world, and how these countries have been changed by the disappearance or transformation of this institution.

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