Course level

Postgraduate Coursework


Business, Economics & Law


Economics School




One Semester

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2 Lecture hours, 2 Tutorial hours





Recommended prerequisite

Course coordinator

Dr M. Khaled

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Semester 2, 2019 St Lucia Internal Course Profile

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Course description

As bigger datasets become available and more and more companies and institutions, require analysis of such a huge amount of information, the fields of Big Data and Machine Learning become more and more essential for economics and business students to learn about. This course builds on the basic knowledge built in elementary econometrics courses and strives to provide basic tools for analysing Big Data. The major topics discussed will be supervised learning (linear regression in high dimensions, classification by logistic regression and support vector machines, splines, nearest neighbours), unsupervised learning and Neural Networks. The course will be practical and will provide students with an R library of computer code to explore the topics in a practical fashion.

Archived offerings

Course offerings Location Mode Course Profile
Semester 2, 2020 St Lucia Internal Profile unavailable