Apply for alternative exam arrangements as soon as possible. If you have a disability advisor, speak to them at the beginning of semester. For everyone else, apply as soon as you can after the release of exam timetables.

4. Specific religious observance

If a specific religious observance clashes with a scheduled exam time, you may apply for alternative examination arrangements.

A specific religious observance is defined as:

  • the act of observing or complying with a religious law, custom, command or rule,
  • undertaking a regular act of worship, or
  • the long-standing custom of celebrating a religious holiday.

How to apply

  1. Download and complete the Request for Alternative Examination Arrangements form (PDF, 272.5 KB)
  2. Obtain a letter on official letterhead from your place of worship. The letter must state that you are unable to sit an exam because of a specific religious observance.
  3. Email the letter and completed form to, or deliver them in person to a Student Centre.

If your application is approved, a new exam schedule will be sent to your student email account. This new schedule will serve as an official agreement between you and the University.

Please note that it is your responsibility to pay attention to the times and locations for your exams and to arrive at the correct room at the correct time and on the correct day.

Submit your form no later than:

  • Mid-semester exams: 14 days before an exam is scheduled to take place
  • End-of-semester exams: 14 days before the first day of the examination period.

See section 5.5 of the Examinations Procedures for more information.

Deferred or supplementary exams

If you are applying for alternative exam arrangements for a deferred or supplementary exam, submit the following on the same day:

  • your Request for Alternative Examination Arrangements form, and
  • your deferred or supplementary exam application.

See Deferring an Exam or Supplementary Assessment for information about applying for either a deferred or supplementary exam.


If you can't attend an exam after making arrangements, contact the Examinations Office as early as possible before the exam start time:

St Lucia
Phone: (07) 3365 2488

Phone: (07) 5460 1126