Students and staff can use UQ Book It to book certain rooms, equipment and resources.

There are two ways you can book a room or resource with UQ Book It:

  • on the web
  • using a QR code.

Book on the web

  1. Log in to UQ Book It with your UQ account username and password.
  2. Click a tile under 'Make a booking'. These are the rooms and resources you have permission to book.
  3. From the category you have clicked, use 'Refine search' to narrow down your search, then click the room or resource you want to book.
  4. A calendar grid will appear and display the availability of the room or resource, and any existing bookings.
  5. Select an available time slot.
  6. Enter a booking title and any other required fields, then click 'Book' to submit.

A booking confirmation will be sent to your UQ email address. Make sure you have received the booking confirmation before making any further plans for your activity.

You should contact the room owner directly if:

  • you don't have permission to book a room and you think you should
  • the time you want is not available
  • it hasn't been approved yet.

UQ Book It room owners

Rooms in UQ Book it are managed by the organisational unit that owns the room. The list of room owners will be updated as more areas transition to the system.

Room owner Contact
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT)
Faculty of Medicine
School of Biomedical Sciences
School of Business
School of Communication and Arts
School of Languages and Cultures
School of Music
UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health
UQ Library AskUs in the UQ Library

Book with a QR code

Some screens outside rooms will display bookings. While you can't book rooms through these screens, if the screen has a QR code you can scan it to access UQ Book It.

If you have permission to request a booking, the QR code will take you directly to the booking calendar. Follow the 'Book on the web' instructions above to complete your booking request.

If you don't have permission to request a room, you will be taken to the main UQ Book It menu.

Other meeting rooms

Outlook meeting rooms

If a meeting room isn't in UQ Book It, UQ staff can check Outlook for available meeting rooms.

Learn more about booking rooms with Outlook

Other UQ rooms or venues

UQ staff and students can book or hire other UQ venues and rooms, whether for events, conferences or meetings.

Find out more on the Teaching Space Management website

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